• Solution Architecture Design: We help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) design the structure and architecture, define characteristics, con­straints, and behavior of technology components to verify that the solution addresses all business requirements and performs as designed. 

Experience to ensure that solutions are relevant, robust, and cost effective.

  • Solution-neutral Requirements Development: We help our mission stakeholders understand and identify the programmatic and technical prerequisites to produce vetted functional and business requirements. From pre-acquisition to operations and maintenance (O&M) support, we confirm that the operational constraints, stakeholder viewpoints, security concerns, system dependencies, and end-user expectations are fully represented.

Expertise to ensure that requirements are validated, realized, maintained, and improved.

  • Integration and Enhancement: We help mission owners plan for service transitions and data migrations, beta testing, upgrades and fixes, integration new functionality, and or customization of existing systems. We are commit- ted to maintaining a vendor agnostic perspective to ensure that the solutions meet business needs.

Knowledge to provide more reliable, secure, scalable, and better performing solutions.

  • Enterprise Optimization: WS has a dedicated enterprise optimization team that works across functional silos, organizations, and IT domains. We work with mission owners and stakeholders to identify, configure, and pro­mote solutions that increase productivity; improve user experience; and enables synergy among existing projects and programs.

Ingenuity and capability to work seamlessly across the enterprise to deliver highly adaptable, resilient, and efficient solutions.

  • Root Cause Analysis: We take a systematic approach to get to the true root causes of system, software, process, and resource problems. We conduct detailed assessments until we reach the fundamental process element that failed.

Insight to prevent re-occurrence of IT problems.