World Services (WS), LLC is a IT engineering, solutions and management consulting firm established in 2010 that delivers leading edge information management and information technology services to a wide variety of corporate and government clients. World Services success is built upon a proactive, customer-centric, and best practices-based approach which incorporates continuous process improvement. This focus on excellence extends to all aspects of our client organization, resulting in a client partnership which is flexible, transparent, and responsive, providing services and products that organizations can rely upon.

World Services offers a wide variety of IT services to support enterprises at every level. These include Management Consulting, Cloud Architecture, Software Development, Agile Implementation, Data Science and Analytics, Systems Engineering, Testing, and Cyber Security services.

World Services commitment to quality delivery of technology and services is backed by the ISO 9000 certified and CMMI Level 3 in Services and Development to ensure quality framework of policies, tools, and procedures. This is one of the factors that allows our company as a ISO certified and CMMI Level 3 rated small business to deliver consistent, scalable solutions to the Federal Government, State and Local Government, healthcare, and commercial clients. Our quality processes ensure our customers receive shorter lead time, delivery reliability, and consistent, high quality services and products.